We were so busy trying to put trails on the ground and keep the ones we have maintained, it took more than 6 years of building trails before there was a single t-shirt with the Black Hills Trails logo on it. It’s obvious: we’re in the trail business, not the apparel business. In the search for a better way, we remembered what we are even better at than trails, bringing people together and connecting communities. When we remembered this, we knew exactly what we needed to do.

There are several designers and producers of unique and authentic Black Hills apparel. Rather than attempt to compete with them, we have decided to join forces with them — to connect our supporters and volunteers with those that are already producing amazing products showcasing our amazing local trails.

October 2018 marked the first of what should turn into multiple collaborations. The first of these is with Westward Wandering Co., who produces a trail series of shirts that never fails to make us smile as we recollect the many hours of work that goes into maintaining each one. A portion of the sale of these shirts goes directly to Black Hills Trails, which means a portion goes directly into trail planning, construction, and maintenance. Wear your favorite trail, support your favorite trail.


Deadman Sturgis, Ltd. Co, who provides service and support for our growing fleet of trail tractors and attachments is offering a Centennial Trail tee with a significant portion of the proceeds to benefit our cause.

Get the t-shirt.

These products feature the SUPPORTING Black Hills Trails logo. Only those designers that have committed a substantial portion of the sale price of each item — only those that truly care about trails — will be able to use this supporting logo. When you see this logo you can rest assured your purchase is helping to improve new and existing trails right here in the Black Hills.


In addition to the merchandise available from our supporting partners, we offer a small selection of Black Hills Trails logo-wear. 100% of the profit from each sale is used to connect communities.