Public Lands Day 2013

Part of what Public Lands Day is about is taking ownership of wonderful public assets that belong to all of us, improving them and developing a sense of pride in our publicly owned land. Many Black Hills Trails volunteers dedicated their time on Saturday, September 14, 2013 to improving publicly owned land in two different Black Hills communities.

Five Black Hills Trails volunteers spent over four hours of their Saturday morning working on the Oak Park Trail in Whitewood and were able to add several hundred feet of new trail.


Nearly a dozen Black Hills Trails volunteers attended the Bureau of Land Management sponsored Public Lands Day event at the Fort Meade Recreation Area bordering Sturgis. These individuals were able to assist the BLM and other volunteers in the installation of a handful of equestrian-friendly gates and the refurbishment of several rollovers utilized by hikers/runners and mountain bikers.


If you would like to get involved, there is no reason to wait for Public Lands Day 2014. There are ongoing projects in many Black Hills communities, keep checking our Projects Page or our Calendar for more details.

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